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    • New York State Certified MWBE Corporation

      Minority and Women-Owned Business

      NYS File ID#61047

    • Fire Guard


      We take all the guess work out of whether you are getting a qualified Fire Guard or not. All of our NYC Fire Guards are certified, have undergone extensive training and background checks, and are dependable and trustworthy. Our Fire Guards will show up at your facility armed with the proper fire safety protocols, and ready to work. They will ensure the safety of tenants inside the premises as well as protecting large crowds at outdoor events.

    • Quality

      Framing Services

      NYC Top Building Management Inc. provides Framing Services for commercial, residential, and multi-family housing needs. Our wood and metal framing professionals have many years of experience in the construction industry and are capable of working in all phases of construction from the ground, up.

    • Professional

      Sheetrock Services

      Whether you need new installation, replacement or repair, our professional team is ready to go to work. We provide drywall/sheetrock installation for new construction, build-out services, ceiling replacement or repair and turnkey installation and finishing.

    • Fire Guard


    • Quality

      Framing Services

    • Professional

      Sheetrock Services


    Has been chosen time and again by numerous property & building owners, property management companies and commercial enterprise to maintain and clean their corporate facilities. We specialize in Commercial building maintenance, Office building cleaning, window cleaning, retail space cleaning, Medical office cleaning, Hotel & Motel cleaning, post construction clean up & many more. We are New York's #1 choice for any subcontracting projects.

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  • Love the service.

    • Melissa T

      What an amazing services the cleaner was on time and very professional. I would recommend their services to anyone

    • Jean T

      The cleaner is very good. I'm also very happy that there are no minimums. I can have them come in for one hour or six.

    • Allan Z

      Very good service would recommend them to anyone
      Lisa was awesome told of other services her job performance was excellent the only issues I had was one Lisa didn't know the windows opened so there was some inside outside streaks...however lisa stood on a chair I provided and was reaching over anyone doing that gets a huge PASS and I know will be corrected next time

      They offered to do / start laundry for bedding or offered on anything else

      Last minor issue was when I called to put on a weekly schedule Lisa had taken a small leave of absence I hoped for her return but will update on the new girl / guy

      I like having one person not new people coming and going soooo...?

      Other than that nothing broken nothing bad at all think I found a winner here and will stick with it

      Thank you.

    • Natalie C

      The team is professional and efficient. They receive instructions extremely well. They meet my odd cleaning hour requirement, specific office desk and chair arrangement, and specific trash take-out time. The owner is also very easy to communicate. I text her the afternoon before her team comes in about the specific need that week an she always manages to get it done. One employee had an emergency recently and they responded to the situation quickly and reached out to us regarding the schedule and key pick-up. The thing I love about this team the most is that when you walk in to the space Monday morning, there is no overwhelming cleaning supply smell, and nothing looks particularly "after cleaning", which is great. However when you look at the details (the floor, tables, dishes or any arrangement), you can see exactly what you are paying for. The backyard is always neat and clean. Also as a female entrepreneur with my own business, I admire the owners precision and professionalism. I highly recommend them to anyone in need.

    • Mrs. C. in Springfield Gardens

      Had a wonderful young lady who helped and listen to my family woe's!!!!

    • Homeowner in Astoria

      Wonderful experience. I was able to book a time for the next day. Shamis was great. Showed up early, worked hard, very nice personality. She did a great job!

    • A Homeowner in Brooklyn

      They are very customer friendly & on time.

  • As NYC Top Building Management Company, we believe “clean” shouldn’t compromise health, disrupt schedules, or leave a baseboard (or high shelf) untouched. Our NYC maintenance and Fire guard services don’t struggle with schedules, communication, and trust, we take stewardship of your space

    • 100% On-time